Lesterco is Lester Nelson-Gacal.

He has over two decades of professional design experience.

He’s a multi-hyphenate creative (ugh) who specializes in identity design and brand strategy.

He crafts design systems so your brand always looks amazing—not just your logo, but everything you produce.

Lesterco is Lester Nelson-Gacal, a graphic designer with over 20 years of professional experience and a deep, undying passion for identity design. Before starting Lesterco, he lived in the Philippines for 8 1/2 years where he ran Ferdinand Center for the Creative, a nonprofit charity teaching identity and graphic design to artists who couldn’t afford college.


Lester lives and breathes branding, and—perhaps annoyingly—views everything through a branding lens. Just look at how sick his friends are of him offering branding insights as solutions to everyday problems.

Insert friend. Insert typical, everyday life problem.

“What you’re dealing with is a crisis of branding,” he’ll say.

Invariably, his friend will let out an extended, audible sigh. “Oh, my, would you look at the time?”

Lesterco is a healthy outlet for these peculiarities.

Let’s talk about identity design.

It’s likely that your brand won’t benefit much from just having a great logo. What it needs is a great presence.

Your brand needs to make a great first impression, and to follow it up with more great impressions that are simultaneously consistent with that first impression, but also go deeper. No matter how amazing your logo looks, a great logo alone won’t accomplish much without a branding strategy in place to make sure that everything you put out into the world looks just as impressive.

Lesterco will help to make your brand stand out, so everything you put out—every piece of marketing material, every publication, every bit of packaging—looks unmistakably you.

Don’t get lost in a crowd of noise. Lesterco’s here to help you discover your brand’s voice and craft it into a melody to transform your brand into a chart-topping rock star.


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